We have provided prompt for many clients over the years in all sectors of business.
Here are a few...

Prompt Action are always my go to supplier! Reliable, professional, efficient. I have used the team on a number of different projects and sectors, they are an asset to the team.
Melissa Clay, Producer, WRG
We believe that Prompt Action are the supplier of choice for providing prompting services in the UK. There is no one within the industry that we trust more to provide a professional and friendly service.
Ed Snowling , Director Production Bureau.
I have worked with Sue for over 20 years. Sue is skilled, patient, easy to work with and very professional. I have great pleasure in recommending Sue. And I am proud to call her a very good friend.
John Roebuck, RPL Productions
We have worked with Sue and Prompt Action for around 10 years now, and can honestly say that her service on every occasion has been exceptional. Sue has an uncanny ability to quickly put presenter’s nerves at ease, and her experience and skill set also means she can offer helpful hints on site which all result in more effective communication.
Rob Woodhead, Simply Better Events
You were both brilliant and worked the long hard hours without question - a pleasure to work with!
Richard Clark, Producer, WRG
You all work as a fantastic team giving a super slick professional operation that was brilliantly executed. I really could not do it without you.
Jeremy Difazio, Barefoot Live Ltd
Thank you for once again providing a top service for our guests and senior politicians. Everyone always comments how professional and helpful you are and I'm always reassured when I see you.
Carol Linforth, The Labour Party